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Shipping containers are opening up new ways to spread your message, promote your brand, and sell your product. Catch people's eye with a one-of-a-kind setup, and have fun showing off your brand, all the while feeling good that you are using something so awesomely repurposed.



We live for a challenge


epic uses

Containers are a great alternative to renting tents or other structures for company events, especially when it comes to mobility.


idea bank:

  • Mobile restaurants at festivals
  • Pop-up marketing kiosks
  • Temporary office space
  • Learning centers
  • Merchandise storefronts
  • Traveling trade show booths
  • Meeting space at retreats


Oh, the possibilities



At Containers UP, no idea is too far out there. Want to create a custom VIP experience, or install a pizza oven? No problem! From a tiki bar, to a country club theme, sports bar, or a man cave, anything is possible.



Whether you're looking to design a container you own, or rent a container for a weekend, we can make it happen.





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